In infinite flight you know how you have violations say you have 100 do they expire or you go back to zero in a period of time like do they go away or do you just have to do a lot of landings.

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They never expire from your record, they may prevent you from reaching a grade or access to a server also in which case you will need to have a certain number more landings than violations to counter act it.


Like Chatta explained,they do not expire,but they do disappear within 1 week of which they are received on your grade table. However,if you get too many violations at the same time,they will disappear within 1 week,but will stay on your permanent record,so if you want to access the Expert server,you will need to have a 0.50 total violation to toatal landing ratio. So 100 violations=200 landings needed.


so say i have 450 violations ill never be able to go on expert sever unless i double that

Violation numbers will remain on record but drop off your grade after 7 days. That means that your grade will likely drop for 7 days after the violation but will return to the same as it was after those 7 days have passed.

For example, I made a post about this last week. I was grade 3 but then got 5 violations for over speeding one after the other on Sunday. My grade dropped back to 1. Yesterday, 7 days later, it has gone back up to 3 again. It means that for that week you will have to use casual servers and wait patiently everything to return to normal.

A bit of advise as a personal basis, if you’re doing a flight that might gain violations when stepping away from your device (like a long haul), do them on the casual server to avoid, unless you’re going to be monitoring it constantly.


You will need at least 900 landings and no more violations if you want to access the expert server, if you get more violations then you need to do more landings.

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awwwww… thats going to take me a while or should i just start a new one

To get lots of landings quickly, I suggest flying Casual Server patterns. Just take off from KLAX (on Casual Server, not Training Server) in an F22, make a sharp right turn, land on one of the other runways, and repeat. 20 minutes of this could get you over 30 landings if you’re quick.
If you’re not currently in one, you could also join a VA that allows you to fly on Training Server. You’ll probably get landings very quickly from flying short flights in a VA and many hours from flying long flights!

Yeah, I have much of the same issue, just a few weeks ago for some reason my plane stalled and it went straight down without me knowing it… got 4 violations out of it… :(

I’d advice you to a lot more pattern work, touch and goes at a an airport you’re familiar with , maybe your local one ( on offline mode or solo it’s way more forgiving). This is a great way to familiarise yourself with the type of aircraft you pick ( All its V speed to prevent stalling and over speeding )to do more serious flying on the live server.

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Doing things on solo doesn’t count at all for online, stick to casual for no consequences but still contributing to fixing your grade

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that happened to me as well

thanks. Cause on my account i have 600hours and 350,000xp but i have like 400 violations so im probably just going to start a new account.

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After a year the violations stop counting towards your grade at all, you might have some about to fall off.

Thanks for pointing that out. I really hadn’t thought of that angle

oh ok thanks

Violation:landing ratio takes into account last 12 months. So if you had those violations long ago, they will be not considered in some time

ok cool thanks the last violation i did was december 2017 so i should be good :)

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