Today I went flying from EHAM to LPPT and noticed something strange after my arrival. I had 4 violations while I was standing at the gate. I did not overspeed in the air at all at any time. When I landed I was still Grade 3. I walked away for a few minutes to plan my return flight to EHAM and there I had 4 violations. Can anyone help me with this problem?

-Alessandro AF-KLMVA KLM176

My callsign on this flight was TRA36C and current displayname KLM176 AF-KLM

Thank you in advance.

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Please go into your logbook and click on the ‘4 violations’ next to your flight and take a screenshot of the pop up screen (that says what the violations were for) and then we can help you. Thanks!

However we may need to get @schyllberg in here to help!

So you’re saying you got violations at a gate, just sitting there?

His posts suggest he picked up the violations while flying from EHAM to LPPT; he found out about the violations, after he landed.

I subscribe to @BennyBoy’s post and find out how you got the violations.

@MrValcon, not that violations are system generated. They cannot be removed.

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Yes, that’s correct.

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In that case, a logbook SS would help us greatly

They all say Violation: Overspeed (In flight). Even thought I never crossed the 350knt limit nor did I ever cross the 250knt limit at or under 10,000ft.

What aircraft were you flying at the time?

B737-8 Transavia Airlines

You were going 345kts ground speed at 6400ft during your descent to Lisbon. And additionaly 483kts GS at 18000ft during your descent. So, you both violatioted the 350kts and 250kts limit under 10.000ft multiple times I’m afraid.


That’s impossible, I never went at such speeds. I monitored my whole flight and I never got a warning for speeds like this. :(

But thank you anyway for your help. I will have to wait 7 days to get my grade back than…

This would suggest the limit is 250kts GS, but as far as I’m aware, the limit is IAS, no? Even if he was at 345kts GS he could still be below the 250 KIAS limit, assuming he had a relatively strong tailwind.

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Wait… I was watching my iPad right now and I suddenly have grade 1 with 6 violations while when I still was at the airport I was Grade 2 and had 4 violations D: