to achieve grade2 ,it was listed 1 violation /1 landing in 12 months, but I have 3voilatons/1landing,that means I have to wait for 12 months to join grade 2??? please help

Please send us a screenshot of your grade table so that we can better assist you.

There is also already a tutorial on it:

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Just do more landings.

For Expert server you may have no more than 50 violations if you have 100 landings.*

Currently, your violations are 3x higher than your landing count.

For Training server the ratio is 1:1. You need more landings than violations.

Watch your violations!

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No if I am understanding that you have three violations and one landing all you need is three more landings to gain training server access.

for every violation you need one landing

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Ok here is how to sum it up. you currently have a 3.00 violation/landing ratio. If you wanted to reach Grade 2 you would need a 1.00 violation/landing ratio. In this case you have 3 violations so you would need 3 landings. If you end up getting 3 more violations in that process then you would need a total of 6 landings, etc. All in all if you don’t get any more violations and land just 2 more times you would have 3 landings in total and you will be Grade 2!

PS: This assumes you meet all the other requirements shown on the grade table.

I was making landings since yesterday that was more than 5,that I was doing in fly solo, and how come that is added to grade 2,beacause I can’t access to online fly

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If you cannot access online then you will not be able to update your grade table as the grade table is only updated when flying online.

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