I can take violation only doing 250knt under 10.000 ft or also something else?

Just a violation, but if you get a certain amount (violations), you will get ghosted. :)

EDIT: Just realized what you meant. Sorry for the confusion.🤦‍♂️😁😅

Violations can be give for a multitude of reasons. They are:

  • speed greater then 250kts under 10
  • Taxi speed greater then 35kts ground speed
  • Aeronautical Maneuvers in an active airspace(back flips, barrel rolls, etc.)

I think that’s it but don’t quote me

Here’s a quick reference card provided by Tyler.



Oh yeah, the siting on an active runway and aircraft too large violation, I forgot about those.

Same. I haven’t got the warnings for those in a while.

And why do we have the 250kts under 10,000FT that just doesn’t make sence for me

Its a real world speed regulation.

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Oh ok thanks for making it work for me

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