Hello. I was doing a quick hop from Cardiff to Orly in the Dash 8 Q400 on expert and it kept glitching saying I was overspeeding at 220kts. I now have 5 violations for flying at 220kts?

What do you mean by “glitching”? The dash 8 has a lower speed limit than jet aircraft so maybe you were overspeeding

I’m pretty sure you can fly at 220kts in a Dash 8…?

Check this - it depends how high you are flying @ollywhxte

At what altitude were you at when receiving the violations?

28,000ft-30,000ft when I was cruising and I didn’t descend after so I was just flying at that altitude the whole time.

Fair enough - that’s quite high for a dash 8 but I don’t think you would get a violation for the height

I’m pretty sure we’ve set the limit to M.60, or somewhere around that.
220kts at that altitude is most likely exceeding that mach limit. That’s why you received the violations.

I was at M.55 according to the game.

The DH8D has a ceiling of 27,000ft. Most are restricted to 25,000ft though since most don’t have oxygen for the cabin.

That aside, here’s a link to my PDF that lists the high speed cruise figures for different altitudes and OAT. These are slightly slower than max cruise rate, which is listed as Vno for this aircraft.

I’ll go see what the Vno is at 27,000ft in IF.

Right thanks, but that doesn’t cover the problem with the speed.

Can you repeat it? If so snap a few pictures.

What do you mean by repeat it? Record what I did?

Fly at 30kft and take a screenshot of what you did. A recreation, if you will.

Alright, give me five minutes.

you most probably have exceeded mach no. fl300 is too high for a turboprop. plus turboprop cant go flay faster than mach 6-6.5 due to prop. blade stall.

28,000 feet 220kts you should have been okay
30,000 feet 220kts you would be to fast and in violation mode

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I’m pretty sure I was at 28,000ft. I could’ve been at 30,00ft.

I just went up real quick and Seb is spot on with the Vno.

FL270: 234 KIAS
FL280: 229 KIAS
FL290: 223 KIAS
FL300: 218 KIAS

Case in point, watch your airspeed carefully or set your autopilot correctly and watch your cruise level.

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Okay, thanks for the help guys. Bit gutted I’ll miss the event tonight.

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