I just got 6 violations for speeding without knowing. I just want to know, i still want to continue doing ATC job and/or piloting in live. How do i remove the violation?


You need to perform landings to offset the violations, that will help in the long run. But for the immediate time you just need to wait a few days for them to fall off and then you will be back to the grade you were.

You can find those time frames listed in your stats page by pressing on your name in the corner and then the (i) next to your grade.


I am currently grade 1 after dropping from grade 2. Next to hit 50 landings to offset those records? Or i do need to wait a few days later?

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You need to have a 1:1 ration of violations to landings for the past 12 months to be grade 2. If you have 30 violations showing on your stats page in the ratio, you need 30 total landings.

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I have a 6 violations with 28 landings.

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Send a screenshot of your grade table so we can better assist you please.

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Ah I see, you need to wait 24hrs from the last violation to roll off and your grade will go up.
Hang tight 24 hours since the last violation and all will be good.

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Thank you my man! Appreciated your help!


Anytime, glad to be of assistance.

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My advice: to prevent violations without knowing please look at you device when you are climbing. When you have reached the altitude you wish to, set your speed fat from the red limit, even If your flight will be longer. I’m working in this way 3 years and I didn’t get even one violation without knowing when I was cruising.

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It’s says 6 violations in the span of 24hours. Basically, after 24hours it will become 0 however the bilation in the span of 7 days will still remain 6 for you have to wait a week for the to disappear.

-UAE1 / Hani_Freij

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