I was flying last night for an overnighter and it shows I got 6 violations. I set up Infinite Flight Assistant as well, so I dont know if that caused it. It shows I flew for 53 minutes before my device had died because my charger broke. Is there a way to reverse these violations because I am attending the VARB Summit in 2 days. Here is a picture

When I tap on view flight details, it says Overspeed but I set my speed to 0.84 in IFAssistant.

Did you set up step climbing in your IF assistant?


Could you please tell us what your callsign and display name are so that the mods can have a deeper look?


Yeah I did. FL360-FL380-FL400

If you entered those wrong as FL36 or FL38 it would be at 3600 not 36000. I’ve seen that before. I’m sure a mod like @schyllberg can dig up what happened.

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My Display name was IFC-VAnuj and my Callsign was Reunion 05 Heavy.

Ok thanks. I’ll wait for a mods response. It’s just very important I get back on the Expert Server by the morning of the summit because I am leading a summit group.

It’s highly unlikely your violations are going to be erased as most cases like these are classified as pilot error. I would start making arrangements with your group or VA to find another leader.

ok ill do that. thanks

You could also do Touch and goes on casual to get more landings and XP

Yeah but its the violations that are the issue, not my landings or XP

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The landings improves your landings-voilation ratio

No, the thing is the violations in 24 hours. I need 5 violations at the least in 24 hours to get g2 and 0 in the next 24 hours to get g3.

6 violations won’t get him back on Expert tomorrow no matter how good his ratio is.

Anyhow, you were doing 693kts GS at FL280. Pretty much sums it all up…


Oh ok. I dont know if I typed 840 instead of .84 in IFA. Thanks :)

It seems like you did, because once you passed FL290 you were down to more normal speeds. Around 500kts GS.

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Yep, ok thanks. I’ll talk to my VA

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