Hi I was flying earlier today and I got several violations consecutively for 5 seconds when I was flying the dash 8. I know I was going above the speed limit but I was decelerating and every second I got a violation and I was grade 4 and now im back to one I just want to know if there is something that could be done so violations don’t happen so quickly and there is at least 10 seconds to decelerate thanks for the help!

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The log shows multiple but they occur every 20 seconds in the sim.

This was a writeup I did on it.


Ok sorry to bother you then

No bother. Just answering the question.

And is there a reason why the dash-8 doesn’t can only go to 300kts?

There is a wonderful reason the Dash 8 cannot go 300kts. It’d break up in flight if it did.

Below you’ll find the speeds that you should be flying for different block altitudes. Vmo is the Maximum Operating limit speed. In other words, you can fly this speed but do not exceed it at these altitudes. The handy dandy reference chart can be found plastered on the Captains side of the cockpit.

Altitude (ft.) Speed (IAS)
0ft - 8000ft 245kts
8001ft - 10,000ft 282kts
10,001ft - 18,000ft 286kts
18,001ft - 20,000ft 275kts
20,001ft - 25,000ft 248kts

A simple rule of thumb that I personally recommend for a flight over an hour this: once you slowly start accelerating after taking off, just set your speed to 240kts and climb up to FL230 or FL240. 240kts is a safe guarantee that you’ll be under the red tape by the time you get to cruise.

Plus, 240kts is under the Vmo for the first block altitude, and well below all of the other altitudes. Hope this is of some help!

Check out the tutorial created by Mark for the Q400 as well. Click here to view the tutorial.


I’ve posted most of the information that would be useful for flying the Q400 in IF over at PDVA’s website. Browse through it all if you desire. I still have a few more bits of information that would be useful to put up but the majority of everything useful for IF flights is there.


But, a properly attended-to flight would never be in a state which requires more than a few seconds to slow down. Such a flight would only involve over-speeding which occurs at the threshold, is recognized, then immediately corrected.

If You have continued past the threshold for so long that you require more than a minute to slow down, while climbing out especially, something is terribly amiss and it makes perfect sense that one would get multiple violations, IMO.

If you’re that far into the red, why wouldn’t you get more than one? (I’m not trying to be combative, but try to think about it from an outside perspective; if the goal of violations is to prevent over-speeding [in this case], wouldn’t the design be such that those right at the limit come out better off than those that are well into the red?)


Thanks for the information

Thank you for your help

Thanks for your help

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If you see that it will not be time to stabilize the aircraft so that you do not take any more violations, I would recommend you leave the simulator as soon as possible to avoid further violations.

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That’s what I did once I realized it but my mom called me and I thought it was going to fly like all the other planes but once I came back and saw it overspeeding I exited the game immediately

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