I was just wondering… I was on a flight tonight with my co pilot (my Rottweilers) .everything was going smooth until I decided I needed to go for a p so I left the aircraft on auto (toilet is next door to my sitting room ) so went done my p came back and my co pilot had sat on my I pad I managed to move all 10 stone Co pilot but realised I was in a nose dive at 350knots managed to regain controll at five thousand feet .not sure how many reports I got but while I was sorting the situation I got +2 red warnings (Mabie more ) I’m unsure will this affect my grade ? I was on advanced server . Note to self …never employ Rottweilers that ain’t to smart …loving yes but not smart .

If you get 3 violations in 24 hours you will be moved to grade 2.

And I seen two red violations warnings dose that mean I have two ?

At the end of the flight it will tell you :)

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Bummer I should have just crashed …ahhhhhhhhhhhh bad dog !!!

Thanks Carson