Hello I have 6 violations in the past 7 days. Once 3 of them wear off will I be Grade 3 or do I have to have less than 2?


Hello @Dart. I think after your 3 violations wear off, you ll be grade 3 again.All in all you dont have to have less than 2 to be grade 3(I am not so sure though



It all depends on how your violation ratio looks 3 days from now.
Based on your current on - no, you will not have you grade reinstated in 3 days. But as the ratio is based on the past 12 months of activity, it might change :)

I believe 3 violations would be gone by Monday and all on Tuesday since I looked in my logbook

But you still have your Violation/Landing (12 months) ratio to be fixed… otherwise you’ll stay at Grade 2.

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I’m assuming you’ve looked 12 months back in your logbook then? If so, possibly. But you also have to have made the appropriate amount of landings for it to be correct. It’s just not all about violations.


Yes I know about the 12 month violation/ landing ratio but I need help with the 7 day!

Just go do some more touch and goes until your landing count goes up some more. That’ll help your ratio…if you stop getting more violations from here on.

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I already knew that I’m asking if I would be able to join Grade 3 when my 7 day violations are at 3

If you fix your Violation/Landing Ratio issue by then, then Yes, you’ll be back to Grade 3 after a week (7 days).


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