Hi there guys. I am grade 3 and I have been trying to get into the live servers but according to the system I have had too many violations in 12 months …I mean I pay for this game religiously and yet we cannot joining the proper servers. Is there a way round this and if not I’m afraid my subscription will be getting cancelled.

Would you mind telling us how many violations you have?


Just do a lot of patterns to get the needed amount of landings to access the expert server.

Someone made a similar topic regarding the same “problem”. Read thorugh it :)

112 within a 12/month period.

Likely what the issue is, you have too many violation for your violation to landing ratio. You need twice as many landings as you do violations to get onto the Expert server.

If you are paying for the app it doesn’t need to bee so strict I understand they are trying to make it more realistic and have no nonsense in servers but c’mon they have to use discretion.

I think the point is, they ask pilots in the game to use discretion if they want to play on the Expert Server.


If you don’t wish it to be as strict, you are more than welcome to fly on the Training Server. It sounds like it would be more suited to your needs :)

Expert Server is for those who prefer a more strict and realistic experience, and with that certain restrictions had to be put in place.

You can read more about it here:

Thank you!


They aren’t saying u can’t fly on the servers you can always fly on casual. Just be more serious gain more experience expert is the highest server and they just want to make sure only people who are Expert standard go and TBH we don’t want childish behavior on the expert server that is why there are rules and standards you must meet to get in

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I am grade three with a good knowledge of the aircraft in this game. Most of the violations where caused by getting used to the controls etc.

If you have violations an hour worth of patterns can get you a lot of landings I recommend you do that and you should be on the expert server in no time

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I think I will send the founder a little email.

I can assure you now they are not going to change the requirements because you cannot get onto the server you can do landings on training and casual servers and work your way back up you were the pilot in control when you got violations therefore you are responsible for them not FDS. if you need info on violations check here

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Ok then just do a bunch of touch and goes. You can do around 5-10 per day if you wish.


I mean it is a little cheap, but if you want to on casual or something you can do like loops in a C172 and an airport with spread out Parallel runways (Like KPIT😉) and kinda go in a circle landing on one doing a U turn and landing on the parallel the other direction, just don’t do this at a busy airport, it will destroy any airspace flow going on…

might i just add, do you know how you got the violations? because you can’t blame them for giving you violations it is scripted within the game itself. I see as to no reason why they should be blamed about your violations. You were responsible of the violations you got. If you can’t stick with realism you shouldn’t be given access unto the expert server

I will discuss the situation with the founder.

I think you should learn using solo. Not live. This minimises mistakes that you make whether intentional or not.

I also doubt the developers will changed the rules, see a FDS staff reply above

The only way you can work around this is to do enough landings so your ratio will be 1 violation:2 landings or wait for it to fall off