Hi yesterday I had a problem with my phone . As I was flying I could not use throtle. As a result I had 6 violations in a row . What happens after this ? How many days out of the expert server is the penalty ??
Thank you in advance

You regain Expert Server status after exactly 7 Days. So for now, just endure the Training or Casual Server for the time being. If it’s an accident that you think needs reversing, @schyllberg or any other mod/staff could help

Smooth Skies (I hope),

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Thank you very much for your response

It looks like a problem with an app. Your violations might be reversed. But it is completely up to staff

@schyllberg this guy needs help

Yes as @Artem_F you could get them reversed.
Do you have any proof to show the throttle was stuck, having the AP set to a slower speed with no throttle response? @Tyler_Shelton or one of the mods can help you.
Best wishes

In order to have anything reversed the issue needs to be reproducible especially since the iPhone 6 is a popular phone among others. If this were in fact a bug we would see more widespread threads and inquiries.

Was the A/P armed? Did you have speed armed? Things like this will prevent the use of the throttle until they are disarmed…

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As he said, I will not remove any violations unless there are reproducible steps and some evidence to go off of.


If you can’t move the throttle and are overspeeding, end flight is always available.

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