Hi. I logged on earlier to find that I have had violations even though I haven’t been on and recieved 0 violations? After ages of gaining XP and being able to join the Expert server! Now I can only get on the casual server because I’m now grade 1?
Anyone else had this problem or know a way to get my actual score back?

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Can you provide a screen shot of your status table AND the error message that you get trying to access the server.

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You have too many violations in the last day and week which is why you cant access either Training Server or Expert. Check your logbook to see when and why you recieved them

Wait seven days and you will be back to Grade 3 as long as the other requirements are also met. Check the reasons for the violations and learn from it. Good luck :)

Thanks for the help!

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To help reduce the violations you receive, make sure you’re devoting your attention to critical phases of flight (takeoff, climb, descent, landing). Anytime that requires you to change a speed or altitude you should be there to do so.

Cruise would be the appropriate time to move about the cabin. 😉