I just went on IF to fly on training server, but I notice that I have 6 violations within the past 12 months. It won’t let me join. I checked this morning and I had no violations. I haven’t flown the whole day. Any reason why I have these violations?

Hello, violations in Infinite Flight app only displays the last 7 days violations total at this moment. If you wish to see your total violations number (all-time), you can check it out here.

For now, it would be better if you can do more landings (6 landings or more) in Casual in order to gain access back to Training server. For more information about the requirement change, check the information provided by @Delta_Alpha_Lima below! ;)

Hello there! Your landing count needs to be a 1:1 ratio of your violation count for access to training server. Take a look at our recent training server changes which were placed to ensure proper transition from the casual server and encourage better behavior.


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