After the seven days is up do violations just all disappear? Or do they roll off day by day? The flight that I got the violation on happened over a week ago but the violations still show does anyone know why?

Hello! They roll off day by day. It shows the accumulated violations for the past seven days. So if you got one three days ago, and one six days ago one will disappear tomorrow and the other one in four days.

If you haven’t received any for the last seven days and it’s still showing, a short flight on Casual usually takes care of that. You just need to accumulate some XP.


Ok, thanks. They all happened at once and will try the short casual flight to see if they reset.

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Report back with the results in case we need to investigate further.


@schyllberg Did a short flight on casual, once I reopened the app it said I was grade 3 (should be 4) but when I clicked on the grade table the app crashed. I tried again 2 more times followed by crashes. After waiting about 5 minutes I went back in the app and I was still grade 2.

Okay, what’s your callsign?

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N932WN is my call sign

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Is there anything I can do to help such as restart the device? Reinstall the app?

Nah, shouldn’t be needed. Stand by.

Your last violation was on 11/28. Give it until tomorrow, then all should be fine! :)


Ok thanks! U mean violation right?

Yes, violation. Apologies!

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