Hi, so I’m flying from KLAX to HNL right now on the expert server. I’m looking around and I see there’s other aircraft near me. Their speeds are 400-500 knots. Don’t you get violations if you’re going at those speeds? & don’t you get ghosted too? By the way I’m flying at 270 knots. Am I flying too slow or they’re flying too fast?

What you are seeing is a ground speed readout. The aircraft are flying at 280-320kts IAS


What? I don’t know what you do, but I can not read your problem.

That’s only for fighters


You’re reading their ground speed and your airspeed. Not an issue, just how the game works.


Their speed is ground speed, not airspeed. Hence why your speed ( air ) seems to be “slower” than their speed. ( ground )

When flying the tags above other aircraft show their ground speed. Ground speed and airspeed change the higher you go.

Oh ok so I don’t go at the speeds that there’s red squares next to? Because If I do then I’d get a violation, right?


Correct, but if you look above the mini map where it says GS that’s your ground speed.

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Thank you so much! But really, thanks to all of you. :D

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Doesn’t anyone check their own Ground Speed? It’s readily available on the HUD.

I just don’t understand why this is so confusing for everyone. I am not picking on the OP, he is not alone. This is a very widespread misunderstanding. I probably see IAS and GS confused 5 times a day.

Put GS on your info bar if you have to. It is a lot more useful than Flight Time or some of the other things I see on there.

You’ve flown over 500 knots GS, too; I promise.


i’ve got ground speed on my info bar.

Like I said, I certainly wasn’t singling you out. I put that in bold.

This question is asked 5 times a day, at least. Not just you.


well thanks anyways to you too :D

Thanks for the help everyone! There’s some good info in here for you as well. Be safe out there ;)