Okay so I was descending into New York and took my eye off the sim for like 2 minutes and managed to pick up 3 speed violations because my aircraft didn’t slow down quick enough, I was wondering how long before I will be able to get back onto the expert server, was almost back at Grade 4 😅😅

Photos please. That helps us out and helps us figure the problem. And I believe speed violations are a 3 day thing. Someone correct me if I’m wrong

I’m pretty sure it’s a week. If you look at the stats table it will tell you

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I thought a week was for a ghosting.

It’s 7 days to get back to grade 4

I wasn’t at Grade 4 just yet, almost 😂

It will be 7 days. No more, no less :)

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I didn’t get any photos of the actual violations unfortunately, but I didn’t understand how long it takes for the violations to go away

Max Violations for Grade 3 is 3 (7days) and 2 (1day). You must have received more if you’re down to Grade 2.

Never mind, i didn’t think straight.

You should be Grade 3 tomorrow again.


After one day you should be back to grade 3

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Your stats page will tell you which category has the limit and what the time frame is. The orange text is the items that are missing for that grade level.

On a side note it happens with everyone. Its not a big deal and just wait a few days and you will come back. Its a learning experience.

True true, just annoyed because I’ve barely ever got any violations 😂😂

Suddenly it happens. I fell asleep during descent during Beta… racked up more than a few.


When I got my violations, I received a phone call from a weird little girl that said 7 days.

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