I was wondering if any moderator could tell me what caused my violations on my flight from KSFO to KBOS. My call sign was N106UO, I was flying a 757 around the Denver-Salt Lake City region around 19:15-19:20 Zulu, when I suddenly realized that I had been demoted to level 2 because of 4 violations. My flight was smooth besides for a couple of mishaps such as a short period of overspeeding etc. when I was away from my phone. I corrected the mistakes as quickly as possible, and to the best of my knowledge didn’t notice any “reported” messages on the top of my screen. Thank you for your help, and I would like to give a giant thanks to all developers, moderators, ATC, etc. for making the game run smoothly. I have had an immense amount of fun trying out global and am amazed that such thing was possible in amazing detail!

That’s more than likely why…

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