Exceeding 550 knots groundspeed. An important distinction.


Very true, my bad. Will correct that.

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Fighter jets below FL400, it applies.

Commercial airliners shouldn’t be above FL400, but I don’t believe that altitude exemption applies to commercial airliners.

Good information provided. Thanks.

I have begun to reign in my violations and have started to become a more effective and competent pilot.

I look forward to flying with you in the skies.


550GS only applied on expert

Is not good my friends

What do you mean? :)

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So after the certain time - 7 days, I will be able to advance to the next rank? I’m qualified for it but violations prevent me.

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It’s exactly what each row in each column says. If the column has a number of ghostings or violations for the past 7 days, you have to have less than that in the past 7 days.

Just read the table.

welcome to this Forum. I think its really cool you signed up to this after joining IF. There are plenty if tutorials on here; be sure to check them out; in particular anything with the word ‘pattern’ in it :-)

I have see pilots with over 400 hours of flying with only 30 violations or so. So its defenitely possible to keep them low, especially if you consider they won’t reset or become lower…

Have you found IF on YouTube yet? Very educational!


I understand, buddy. What would clarify it a bit more would be a timer saying "x of y days’.

I was eager to get in the air so I downloaded and started asap.

I saw the forum link in-app and came.
This has to be one of the best forums to use

I’ve seen a few YT videos but I must be honest - I tend to fly until I get something wrong or want to know how to do something then research.

Patterns for landing are what I now understand better: entering at 45° and circling clockwise. I hope I don’t make too many people frustrated.

Yesterday, entering EGBB, 16 NM out, called in for landing - cleared - number 2 but number 1 was too high and unpredictable. I told was going around, went around then on right downwind, ATC said “I’ll call your base.”.
I took this to mean he’ll tell me when to turn base for final but it never came so I broke and turned in myself.

I believe your violation question has been answered, and with the desire to learn the ropes expressed in your posts, I look forward to seeing you on expert.

Following up on your last post… TS (Training Server) is exactly that, a place for folks to get exposure to the user interface provided for the pilot and ATC. As such, you will run into both pilots and ATC’s that are not quite up to speed. What you did was on point. Follow ATC instructions unless it’s clear the controller has forgotten about you or the instructions don’t make sense (exit runway while in the air). If that happens to me on TS, I usually request departure or exit and load in again.

Once you’ve watched the tutorials, and Have gained the Expert requirements, give Expert a shot and take IF to the next level. For me, there’s nothing better than flying under the control of Expert ATC’s!

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I look forward to reaching expert rank. I’m taking as much time with getting to grips with being a competent pilot as I can.

Hopefully I’ll rank up much quicker than others.
I need to search how to earn as much XP while also practicing on many machines in different conditions.

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You gain the most Xp doing T & G.
Also you gain more when it’s windy and low visibility. Also , it was refreshing to see a nice conversation here and how you turned a negative into a positive . See ya soon on Expert.


Touch and goes are the best-my trick is to go to KSFO in a Cessna 172, takeoff, then immediately turn 180 and land on the parallel runway, then repeat. (Doesn’t work at EGLL/KFLL as the runways are too far apart)


So why do i get away with 1000knots in a f14 at any altitudes above fl100. Just a query as it’s something i always do at soca

Is it KIAS or GS?

GS can inherently be much higher than AS

Please read this. If you still have questions, feel free to ask. 😉