I was doing a flight and for an error with the autopilot I have 2 violations,when I finish the flight I have already grade 3 but today I’m now grade 1 with 2 violations and 0 experience! I lose all the experience and I don’t know why

Can you give us a screenshot to explain it further? I’m guessing you may have another violation which results you were demoted to Grade 1

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Did you go out of the region?


Did you fly outside of the region boundaries? This could cause your XP to be reset to 0 if noticed by a mod or dev… and they ALWAYS notice. As far as the violations, the system generated violations are based on you flying outside of established parameters.
Here is a link to help understand violations.

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No, I was landing on KNUC and when I take the plane my iPad was wrong and the plane falls without control

Were you flying outside the region?

Did you left SoCal boundaries while approaching for KNUC? As KNUC is located near to the boundaries so it’s easy to fly out of region (Which means you would lose all the XPs)

To make it clear, System do reset the XP. Not the developers ;)

No,I crash in the final of the RW 24,it isn’t fair…

It’s perfectly fair. Why do you deserve to keep a moderately good grade if you crash on final? Defeats all purpose of the grading system if you remain grade 3.

I have a problem with the iPad and the autopilot, I don’t have control of the plane

Have you ever left or flown on the boundaries before flying and land to KNUC?

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Ahhh, that Ol’ chestnut…

No, i fly from KSAN to KNUCK

That’s odd. Can you give us more explanation regarding your device, Device OS, Your App (Lastest Update or previous Update?)

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You obviously weren’t trimmed or the device calibrated correctly, or your aircraft set up was incorrect (ie slow speed with incorrect flap settings), or had your A/P settings wrong (ie an incorrect altitude or VS setting).

Sorry to say, but these always come down to pilot error.

Be more aware and learn from it.

iPad Air 2 last version in all,

No,its and error with my iPad,when I take the plane for flying manual,sometimes the calibration don’t works…

It’s human error.

Calibrate the iPad almost flat like a plate (allows you more ‘angle’ to tilt the iPad upwards and subsequently give you more ‘room’ to pull back on the yoke).

Secondly, utilise positive TRIM at slower speeds when landing, to keep the nose up without you having to pull back on the yoke (some aircraft trim
Settings can reach +20 in IF for landing configuration)

No,I say that I calibrate it correct but the iPad sometimes work wrong

Last question, Have you tried to restart your app?

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