Violations without warning

I was flying on Expert Server, from Tokyo to Hong Kong. I was on my descent to Hong Kong, when I forgot to adjust my speed below 250 when I was 10,000 FT. I got a warning, when I was going back up to 10,000 ft to slow me down. But I never saw any red text saying I got a violation 2 times. I just wonder, if it has something to do with me.

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Hmm. Can you go in to your logbook. It should be on the menu. Take a screenshot. It usually says why you got the violation. It might help us to why this happened

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Sorry to hear about as far as I’m aware, you will only be warned the first time even if you get multiple violations. I can definitely agree with you that it is unfair but I guess all I can say is to really try to not break the rules (I’m sure you didn’t mean it).

I also just discovered that (I think) they have removed the time for the violations. For example I was doing a VTOL in a C-130 which in commercial aircraft is easy but it decided to stall on me and as I fell down I got an aerobatic warning. The second I saw this I quite as I thought I had 5 seconds before getting violated (as usual) but was surprised to find out that I got the violation.

In that the thing to do is slow down before crossing 10k, not see the warning then try to climb back up, yes. There’s 20 seconds between each violation.

Hi AirFrance,

We cannot reverse violations when the violations are a result of pilot error. For example, forgetting to adjusting our speed is something that we cannot reverse. Violations that are a result of an issue with the development, processing or similar workings of the app will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

My recommendation when descending below 10,000ft is to set your speed to 240kts and allow the aircraft to reach 240kts before descending through 10,000ft. Hope this help and thanks for the understanding!


Hello Matt.

Im not asking for removal of violations. I just want to know why this occurred. I did cause I want other players to know if the same issue occurs thats all!

It occurred because of what you noted yourself. Failure to adjust speed to something below 250kts. Its highly likely that your aircraft was exceeding this speed when passing through 10,000ft in the descent.

But why didn’t no violation message show up that is my question.

I am not sure. It should be showing up if you’re on the Training and Expert Server.

But I like I said, it clearly didn’t. So must be some bug.

Was there a specific camera view you recall being in?

normal exterior

Ok. Irregardless, you acknowledged that you were speeding in your original post which to me means you were aware of the speed limitations. With that said, we’ll keep an eye out when we test features in the next update so that if there is really an issue, we can correct this. Thanks!