Violations without warning

I was flying from KDEN to KAPL and as i was descending and being aware of my landing procedure, I was slowing my speed from 260knots to 240knots, I deployed my spoilers, lowered my thrust, and my V/S was my normal 1000f/s. But I received no yellow warning strip at first for my speed then all of a sudden i received the red violation strip and my app just closed out. When I opened it back up I noticed I now had 5 violations. Could someone help me out with this?

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Hi there,

It seems like you received multiple violations for overspeending. Though this is dissapointing, it may be a learning experiance for you in the future.

Please note: that switching apps may not exit out of the simulator, and simply having the app “close out” may not be sufficient in fully exiting out…

You may also experiance this from time to time but no worries, you just need to make sure that you close all of your apps next time that you want to discontinue your IF experiance.

I hope that this has helped,

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I don’t think that addressed the issue at all. He received no warning that he was in danger of a violation, then received 5 in quick succession followed by the app quitting by itself, or at least that’s how I interpreted it. If what he says happened, this needs to be addressed by a mod.


Maybe PM Schyllberg?

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Steven, what is your current callsign + display name?


I also has this afew days ago and i was very confused… it must be some sort of bug or glitch

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It’s technically impossible.

You first get a warning that lasts 20 seconds. When those 20s are up, the first violation is given. Then you get another one after 20s and so on, until you reach 6 violations when the system ghosts you.


I’ve had this before as well, it’s a shame because I lost a grade due to this.

Displayname: TaterSalad
Callsign: American 476

As you can see, these were given at 20 seconds intervals. 6:28:58 GMT is when the overspeed began. Then you received the first violation after 20 seconds at 6:29:18 GMT.



Yes I understand the 20second intervals which I’m fine with thanks for the documentation of the intervals because it did not seem like 100 seconds to me, but what I am more concerned with is that I never received the yellow warning, and as I was trying to slow my speed the app crashed on me and didnt allow me to finish my landing and KAPL.

We’ve never seen a case so far where the warning have not appeared. We recognize it might be a bit hard to see in certain angles and lighting, but always visible.

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