Violations without being online

I was flying from Frankfurt to Munich yesterday on expert server. For one second I wasn’t paying attention and got a violation cause I was going too fast. I reduced my speed and went on.
When I landed I checked and had 1 violation. I closed the app and watched some Netflix and went to bed.

So this morning I woke up, seeing I have 5 violations and am grade 2 for a week… Is this some bug? Cause I wanted to fly EDDM - EGCC - KMCO today…


You can review your replay from the flight that will show you exactly what happened. Suggesting you start there :)

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Oke, I will check my replay.

Oke, so it says here. I had 1 warning, 4 violations and a ghost in 1 minute… Cause my speed was higher than mach .87
But I don’t understand why it said 1 when I went offline…

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Send us the replay here and we can try and help you more.

Here it is:

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Well, you never throttled down, and there was no disconnection from the server until the violation limit was exceeded, so if you put your phone down, you did it without closing the app. But, if you say you landed, then checked your vios, that would imply you kept it open, so not quite sure what we are looking for here. If there had been some action on your part to slow down that would be one thing, but you didn’t change anything.

I presume it’s because you weren’t at the device when the violations occcured, so it makes perfect sense you wouldn’t notice them taking place, but one every 20 seconds is how they’re designed to work and that’s what happened, so there’s nothing abnormal here.


So you have to exit the game?

The quickest way to stop receiving violations would have been to yes, exit the app. Nothing seems abnormal here, just be a little more careful next time and plan ahead to prevent receiving violations in the future.

hey I got 2 violations the first was my fault but the second I was right at 35 knots taxing only cause the airport was empty but I wasn’t over and it still gave me a violation I don’t know if the system is maybe more sensitive but always used to hold close and never got violations… I will be more careful but I don’t understand that being at 35 knots and not over and it gave me the violation rather quickly to it did not give me the chance to slow down either so I will keep the first but I disagree with the second…

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@ChrisND20 You should try to taxi at a speed more like 20 knots. Right at 35 knots is not realistic and at 35 knots you can get a violation. Have a good day :)

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