Violations with no sense

Hi! I was Doing a Flight from Bangkok to Dublin, with a 777 with fuel to arrive. When I was a little bith further of London I was with AP and i see no fuel and I was flying without fuel( No Engines). And I Landing to a little Airport before the Dublin sea, I need to go below 10k feeds at 300kts to calculate arrive airport at like 180-200kts. But the Violations dont know there are Emergencies and they Ghosted me( 0 Violations last day I do all 5 on the same 20 minutes.) Now I on Casual when I do a very Profesional Emergerceny Landing… Thx IF Violations with no sense

Well rules are rules you can’t go above 250kts bellow 10k feet…


Well, part of flying Professionally is to calculate the amount of fuel you’ll need for your journey! There are rules (Violations), and there is no exception. Everyone needs to follow these rules.


i prefer be ghosted that crash the planes lot of hours later… ;)

I don’t lol

It was calculated and I doi it with a realistic flight plan creator and Fuel Quantity ;) But im talking about the Violations but i dont care

All your xp was still added. You don’t lose all of the xp.

IF rule is anything above 250 below 10 thousand you’ll be violated. it’s on you to respect the rule if you don’t then mods won’t revoke it. If it was a glitch in the game or some other random thing then they might

so thats is not a simualtor why if there are emergiences what? I dont care Im only saying that I image in real life saying: BRO BRO Please Crash the plane dont go 250kts below 10k PLEASE CRASH THE PLANE :V

You can still glide the plane below 10,000 ft with 250knots…

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Sometimes we don’t use realistic procedures on IF. They’re not asking you to crash they’re asking you to have enough fuel to complete a flight safely and have enough if needed. It’s on you for failing at having enough fuel and needing to go over the 250 rule

There’s your answer.

Violations with sense. The system isn’t you, and you aren’t the system, my friend. These are standard rules, they can’t see what issue you’re having, but they just do what they are programmed to do ;).

Generally I add 1-3 hours more fuel, and what did you use?

This is Infinite Flight, not Infinite Crash Landings.

Move that to here if you want that kinda sim. Pun intended btw 😂

I thought you said you thought it was a simulator?

I’ll leave you lot with this:

And if you are going to receive violations without any chance regaining control, just exit the game ;).


Very true 🤣


Pun intended lol 😂.

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Just an FYI for fuel planning in the 14 CFR 121 world here’s the requirements

§ 121.639 Fuel supply: All domestic operations.

No person may dispatch or take off an airplane unless it has enough fuel -

(a) To fly to the airport to which it is dispatched;

(b) Thereafter, to fly to and land at the most distant alternate airport (where required) for the airport to which dispatched; and

© Thereafter, to fly for 45 minutes at normal cruising fuel consumption or, for certificate holders who are authorized to conduct day VFR operations in their operations specifications and who are operating nontransport category airplanes type certificated after December 31, 1964, to fly for 30 minutes at normal cruising fuel consumption for day VFR operations.


Everything that needed to be said, has been said.