Violations with F-14

Hi, I have try to fly with the F-14 some times but i don’t know the reason why i get violations if i dont fly, if you check the time is 00:00, i reported to the contact mail in the day i get the violations, but anyone answered me (I didnt now that i had to contact you in the fórum), I had not given importancy but now to grade up i need less percentage of violations. Thanks 🙂

Can you maybe press on ‘2 violations’? There must be a reason


Of course,


Did you experience a bug in which you fell through the ground?

If not, could you please tell us your callsign and display name so that a mod/staff member can have a deeper look? Getting violations while not using the app is not normal of course.


I dont know because i didnt get the warning, at the en of the flight i see Violations: 2.


I do not mean the warnings. I am only asking if you fell through the ground right after spawning at the airport. :)


I’m sorry, yes it happens

Then this was probably the reason. I am sure that you will get these violations removed since it wasn’t a pilot-mistake.

For future reference: If this happens, exit the app immediately and clear the scenery cache.


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