Violations whilst in Crash Screen


I span off the runway last night, got taxi speed warning, slammed on the brakes and caused the plane to crash and I got the Crash Screen.

Whilst in the crash screen I noticed I’d got a violation, then I noticed I got another and another. I got a total of four violations whilst I had no control of the plane because I was in the crash screen.

I can see that maybe I should have received 1 violation because as I entered the crash screen it said I had 1/5 violations. But then it changed to 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 then I quit the crash screen.

Please can some Mods get rid of three of four of these violations.

I did write to Mods last night but I’ve not received any acknowledgment so I assume my message has gone astray.

My IF name is: Steve Solo - GAF (callsign: BULL03)

Hoping you can help me


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Same thing I had some bad violations so I pmed a mod and got nothing back.

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Please pull up the replay and share it to us.

To find out how, please read through this guide.
Exporting your replay:

  1. Access your replays
  2. Select the replay you wish you export
  3. Press on “Share”

  1. Select where you would like to save the file. Your options may vary from the image below depending on your device and installed apps. For some Android devices you may have to press Share on the popup window.


For Android , the process is the same but a different window will appear. Your options may vary based on what is installed. The concept is the same, you need to save to to your device somewhere.

  1. Your file will be saved to the location you select.

Oh that’s revealing. Looking at my Replay, I crashed before receiving any taxi speed violations. So I currently have four violations and I should not have any.

I will try and export it now.

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I’ve exported my Replay but I can see how to upload it here

Sorry to hear that Hayden

Looking at my Replay (don’t know why I didn’t think to look earlier) I got all four violations AFTER my wingtip touched the ground causing the CRASH.

Clearly a bug.

Hello Hamza

I have exported my Replay but I can’t see how to upload it to you.


Read through this thread then use the website to covert the file.

OK - got it

Thank you

Four Violations AFTER CRASH

Ill take a look.

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Can you upload the file again on the website and send another link.

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This is clearly a bug, I would recommend to get MishaCamp, DeerCrusher, Schyllberg or Chris_S to look at it after you get the replay uploaded

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It took two attempts to upload.

Here it is:

4 vios after crash (3rd attempt to upload)

Hmm. Seems like you cant view it on android. Its best to just wait until a mod who has an ios device views it.

Oh no. Thanks for trying Hamza

@SteveSolo I’ll send you a PM ;)