Violations While Parked @KLAX

First, I have been spending an adequate amount of time simply lurking on the ground at times to further improve my IF workflow for procedures whilst also being given the opportunity to listen to ATC on the ground to get an idea of the controller(s).

Yesterday evening, late, or early this morning (00:30PDT), I was parked at KLAX- should be Terminal 2; Gate 11 I believe. My flight plan was filed and was KLAX (at the time the controller was pushing out aircraft opposite the pattern I anticipated;) so I needed to make small adjustments to my anticipated WPs for my departure out of KLAX.

There were maybe three aircraft on the ground. I decided to open my settings and tweak a few controls:

  • assign a parking break button; versus holding brake.
  • move fuel dump off primary controls because I rarely fly an airliner or require it (atm)
  • apply a control to reverse thrust
  • remove flaps full controls all together

Anyway, the violations appear to be caused by ground speed issues.

Again, parked, parking brake on, engine off, master power on, map up, settings window up (game paused, right?) at least it says paused.

There is no replay because I never left the ground. To my knowledge I should have never moved off the gate as I didn’t push back.

Now, what I believe happened.

When you’re editing controls and you remap/bind keys or whatever you’re doing; even if you’re pushing the key to unbind and remap it to another- it triggers.

I recognize the FEATREQ in this and I’m not putting that here. But I would like to understand if I should anticipate what I could only describe as unexpected behavior from the game while in pause.

It’s interesting because the other day my iPad had some dialog pop up in the middle of the night and it caused the game to pause at FL410 (casual); mid route. It literally was paused. Came back in the morning and I was essentially in the location it paused at with same fuel etc… in the air (resuming)

While on the ground within settings of the “game” not any IRL simulation aspect; violations occur simply because the game delivers unexpected result when modifying controls.

Do I just accept this as an issue I created because I modified my controls and the plane some how ended up somewhere doing some thing that I have no record or knowledge?

Seems odd. Just hoping to have some clarity for the future or any steps to rectify if any are available.

Attaching screens of “replay” and logbook. The second spawn in above the violating replay is me spawning to check why I had violations.

Sucks to get violations for something I’m unable to prevent except for modifying controls while at the launch screen which makes for inefficient abilities to improve play while within an instance.

Seems like belly aching but I’ve been very intentional in maintaining absolute positive reputation within IF and this kind of… well nuked that.

Appreciate any insight.

edit sorry for the long running posts and self-reply now, I was just trying to add more information. I’ve created some screens from the replay as well to share here for your enjoyment whilst I patient wait to rectify.

“Crab in the Sand! Lend a Hand!” KLAX Screens


It’s probably not a good idea to modify any controls at all. If you’re in training server or higher, even if you “pause the game” you’re still moving.

That’s not right, there should always be a replay after every session regardless of whether you left the ground or not. Are you absolutely sure there’s no replay and you haven’t missed it or anything?

This is because if you just tap the pause button, it will not pause if you’re online. The reason it paused when something popped up is because that forces the application to deactivate.

I recommend you double check to see if you can find the replay again. Although I can’t see any at KLAX on your recent ones, which certainly is strange. If you find it, PM a mod with it if you think the app is at error and the violations will be reversed. Unfortunately if you have no replay proof there’s not much you can do. Is this a one off issue or does it happen again if you try it again? Try it on casual or solo so you don’t get anymore violations. No one else has had this issue, so it could just be a one off thing. My only word of advice is when you assign them quickly jump back and stop the plane before it starts rolling forwards.

I found the replay and am starting the share process. It shows 5 violations. The replay is 1:31 or so long; the final 10s or so have 5 violations issued for ground speed as I am apparently taxing through a body of water.

Replays are so awful to watch, “I DID THAT?!” ;)

Appreciate all the prompt information and responses.

Unfortunately, that was not known. There is a fine line between games and realism. I did find the replay itself, on the actual Ipad Pro I was flying on. I exported it and sharing it (uploading now). Not sure where the ground speed issue comes into effect; I am essentially taxing across KLAX from T2.G11 through to body of water.

There is more than one issue overall within the content of my post, in terms of expressing my concern. Perhaps I am too legalistic with procedure and flows but it seems if the game is not performing as a “game” when it says “paused” and I am now two levels of screen away (map + settings) it would be extremely useful to make players aware of the violations being issued against them beyond text that cannot be seen.

The replays themselves are only available on the device itself? I believe perhaps the logbook syncs. Initially, I believed the replay would be visible across all my devices I play on and are logged in as well, not true.

Just useful side point for future.

In short, had I known I could not modify my controls while on the ground; parked; and without intentions as demonstrated in the video replay. The taxiing through gates/terminals is not something I do…

I do not believe it should be ‘expected’ or anticipated on players to have the same language, meanings, terms, and context used differently in environments. I’ll save those details for a feature request upon ability to post there but for now finding myself unable to continue as intended because of misplaced violations due to an inconsistency with the gameplay.

Now that I know… I know…

Is there a written documentation available that describes these inconsistencies and what player should expect in terms of when they are different and no indication otherwise? Not sarcasm, lesson learned. We all make decisions. My decision was to leverage the gameplay mechanisms as presented to me to modify my side of the variable slightly.

Any way, I’m ranting and I don’t want to or mean to. I’m enjoying this experience, and honestly even with an “issue” it seems to be simple enough to report, talk about, and seek clarity so thank you everyone for the information. I’ll look to reach out to a moderator and learn what happens next.


This can be closed as a member of the moderation team was able to assist me and find a resolution.

Thank you everyone for your pointers and information.

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