Violations which i got and have no idea what went wrong and why

I never even touched the replay option in the ui until now 😭😅

I just eye marked the time i dont know how long i actually observed for 💀 but i did stay for a bit before going 👍

Can you re-do your flight and see if you can repeat your problem? Going to solo mode and using the speed up function makes it fairly quick to set up and see a result.

Doing this and trying both a high weight and a low weight, and reporting the results back to us would be greatly appreciated.

will try👍 just came back from school

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Awesome, thanks! (school first of course:)

Its a prison 😭 unreleated but they treat us like inmates i swear if i compare the school’s “rules” to prison rules its gonna be the same

Regardless though 4 minutes is a super short flight. It takes like a minute to even get 3 violations, plus there would definitely be warning signs of an impending stall like decreasing airspeed. I don’t see how you could’ve missed it unless you took off, set AP, and then left.

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Flight was stable after the climb , and one thing im almost sure of is that the violations came b4 it made it past 25k feet

You can also appeal a Lv1.
Maybe you remember the bug where fall through the ground… the appeals also can remove violations given from the system

Because there is no evidence, I’ll leave this for someone with more knowledge than me to state the policy regarding violation appeal chances for cases without evidence.

But if you want to learn what happens when you try to maintain your stated climb rate to your stated altitude with a bit too much weight, then you can perform the experiment already suggested.

I would suggest to take the learning route

Yesterday I also got level 3 violation (for land without permission) but how… because that time there is no atc controller…please help…!!!

If you received a violation…then there was

The other part to no replay file would be if he’s using 2 devices.
The main device in which the flight was done, will have a replay file.
The. Second device will show that the flight was done but will not have the option for the replay.
I know this for a fact.
Perhaps this is the scenario here with the replay file, but I may also be wrong.

Yes, that would be the case. I just didn’t really think about this possibility bc I figured if OP had 2 devices they’d be smart enough to swap to the one that actually did the flight.

I’m not going to mince words here.

  • you present a situation that is more or less impossible in 4 minutes

  • you claim to have monitored the flight for the first couple minutes

  • you claim to have made it past 25k feet but the violations came first

  • you deleted/don’t have the replay for some reason

  • this is the second time you’ve made a post about trying to get vios reversed with no proof

How would the vios come first if you were monitoring? Its pretty obvious when you get 3 vios as you have to manually confirm your disconnect from the server. You wouldn’t have been “stable” as you claim. There’s not a chance you got the vios on the way up given your flight parameters, its only two minutes to 10000 feet (limit for acrobatics) and you claim to be monitoring for 5. You must’ve gotten them on the way down, but the flight time says that there’s no way you hit 25000 feet as 5000 * 4 = 20000. Additionally, it takes time to stall and get vios as well. On top of that, the A350 cannot even stall below 25000 feet at 5000 FPM.

Confirm the true story or keep digging 🤷🏻‍♂️


We’ll have to ask Jonathan Frakes 😂

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