Violations which i got and have no idea what went wrong and why

Got 3 level 1 violations for doing " aerobatic manuvers near airports " The plane was on AP with L NAV , speed 250 , VS 5000 ( yes i know bit much but considerable as my weight was light ) , altitude set at 38000 . I observed for 5 minutes before getting off ( at the excat same values above ) i have no idea what went wrong during the climb please help . Airplane type - A350 - 900 , device - S21 , OS- android i really suggest to add a feature to auto disconnect after 1 violation that can be optional for those who need it


That is odd you got a violation for what you are describing, but unfortunately you can’t appeal a level 1 violation unless it was a game issue, so maybe this could be appealed? But I’m not the expert. My advice for level 1 violations is just leave the game when you get the warning

I just dont wanna increase my violations as my violation count is up to 10 all my other violations are for speeding so i kept the speed at 250 knots :/ and i was afk so i couldnt leave it anyway.

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You can appeal Level 2&3 violation only

That is setting you up for a stall, and when you fell out of the sky, if you were close to an airport, your unusual attitude could have registered as aerobatic.

Have you looked at your replay near the time of the violation?


No reply file for soome reason :/

Stay at your device until cruise. 250kts is fine until 11k - 15k. Need to accelerate before climbing higher. For A350, 310-320kts. VS must be reduced as you climb higher. Above 30k, 500fpm - 1500fpm is typical depending on weight/aircraft.

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So again, 5000vs left for a climb to 38000 is the cause.

Rocket 🚀 🚀🚀😬😬

With the A350 this is not the case. I tested it with a medium load (~46%) and I was able to successfully get to FL380 at 5000 FPM the whole way up, 250 knots. I think what’s more telling is the duration: just 4 minutes. There is no way an A350 stalled below 20,000 feet while doing 5,000 FPM unless it was extremely heavy.

Considering OP said they “observed for 5 minutes” and the flight only lasted 4 minutes (of which about a minute is needed for 3 violations to come through), this seems a little fishy to me. It takes a while to stall down from 20,000 feet anyways, the flight time would be way longer. But without the replay, I guess we’ll never know.


As you now read here, which some have now commented, it is now better if you can show your Repaly.
This is the only way we can see it better and explain whose case exactly the problem was.

He sent a screenshot…there’s no replay

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ah sorry, I didn’t look properly! 🤦🏽‍♂️

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Yeah, no black boxes this time 😂


Or did you consciously switch this off so that we don’t know exactly how to solve the case.

Just reminds me of the MH370.


It is interesting because none of OP’s flights have replays. Regardless, if they’re deleting them manually in an attempt to cover up, then they’re directly ruining any chances of getting it reversed. Let them do it.


True….even tho it’s showing no replay it did record 4 minutes…don’t think you can takeoff…watch 👀 for “ 5 minutes” and stall and crash in 4 minutes…


Wasn’t there that automatic replay deletion feature thing added with the A380 update?

I found it depends on what the op means by “light.” Two out of three tests (varied temp and load) I stalled, lost level attitude and entered a dive to the ground (it started as I approached the final altitude). When I was closer to your load, it seemed to maintain flight like you said.

I didn’t test enough to find the tipping point.

I just now checked a few of the times shown in my logbook entries against actual replay time shown when replaying the file. There are inconsistencies I don’t understand yet. So I don’t know how much to rely on one of these numbers.

I was assuming:

means leaving to fly by itself unwatched after 5 minutes (with those values), with the flight presumably continuing on for an unspecified amount of time after that.

But I don’t know if my assumption is wrong.

Try running the flight again without changing your weight. See if it stalls. My bet is it does.

On Casual server!

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