Violations Under Ground

Well, first of I was flying around on the Singapore region writing something thanking the FDS for all the hard work at 4000ft, but on a maneuver I did to turn 180 degrees my plane stalled and I totally lost it, on the last seconds before the impact I got the controls again and a yellow violation warning (NOT RED) popped out… CRASH. I left the app without ending the flight to share some pictures of the flight with the IFAE(Airport Editing) team and then I got back and then a window popped out telling me that I wasn’t able to get on the server because I was grade 2, then I pressed OK and checked the flight analysis and it said I got 4 violations… But where did they come from if my flight was clean from the takeoff up to the crash zone?
I talked with @AdamCallow about it and he told me that he saw me like -6000ft under the ground (he was flying the F-16). Then we came to the conclusion in which when my plane crashed It went down and down and I left without closing the background app it continued it’s way at 260kts to the center of the earth while I was away.
Is there any Solution for this?

Adam on his F-16

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No, just wait 7 days for them to remove themselves


This belongs in

It’s my Evidence


Evidence for what? You can’t have violations reversed as they are done by the system, there is nothing you can do. Your plane dived and picked up speed most likely hence the violations


Chatta, I don’t have anything against you, but could you please be a little more respectful?


What have I done? I am telling you that they cannot be reversed that’s all.


You’ve already told me that there’s nothing I can do, once it’s enough

And what if I just want to know where did they come from?

@Lalo_Marlin Unfortunately, Mods can’t reverse your violation , however if you got auto-ghosted, then you might be able to get it reverse. If it was a ghosting contact a mod and explain them your situation. A tip for the future is to probably end your flight and not to leave it running and ensure that you have probably left the flight.


I am not too sure but I think this can be looked into, since you have not purposely broken the rules.

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Why exactly does it belong there?


They think its a sighting of another community member which its not.
Maybe the red violation was been blocked by the yellow one


Not an accurate statement. You may want to reconsider that. 😉


Have you taken this to the proper authorities? I guess it wouldn’t hurt to see what they say about it. At the worst, you wait seven days.


I want to but I don’t know exactly who should I contact

Contact Joe or Tyler for example.