Violations tutorial

hi guys, can anyone explain to me how violations work? sometimes they reset? what is the difference between violation and ghost. I’ve been flying in live mode for 7 weeks and I’m in grade 2, before I’ve always flown in solo mode just for practice. hello everyone and thanks.

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A violation is automatic and based on on the rules below. Violations never go away but they do “fall off” after a certain period of time as defined in your grade table on your stats screen. With a violation you are still visible to other users.

Ghosting is where you were not following the ATC instructions (on the expert server) and were reported. This makes you no longer visible to other planes and you are not allowed back on expert server for 7 days. It is possible to get “system ghosted” on the training server after recieving 6 or more violations at once.

The casual server does not have any ghost or violation capabilities.



Here is a really good topic made by Tyler to answer your questions


To put things into words…

Violations can be received if done any of the above mentioned by @Chris_S
So always keep an eye on your speed. Especially during Takeoff and Landing. Two of the most crucial moments in a flight.
If you happen to receive any violations they will all be reset after 7 days.

Ghostings can be received by IFATC if you with purpose repeatedly break the rules.
A Ghost can only therefore be received on the Expert Server and not Casual or Training.

Read This Post as it explains how Ghosting works as well as it the Expert Server requirements.

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I was satisfied with your tutorial, thanks from Italy.