Violations-to-Landings Ratio for TS Access

It want let me play on training server but I am grad 2

Help me plz

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Do one more landing and you will be able to access training.


Just jump on casual, climb to 1000, the land on the ocean. That’s what I do

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Um, that wouldn’t work.

To let the system count it as a landing, you HAVE to land on a runway.

Landing in the ocean wouldn’t work.


Oh really? Then how did I land on the ocean 50 times and got access to Training?

Ok so if you do a landing or Touch And Go it’ll count as a landing and go on the system thus meaning you’ll be able to go on the Training server

Water Landing Counts? How many Sully do have to pull to be allowed on TS?


Just the minimum (50)

There is no need to clog up someone’s support request with off-topic chat that should be in another thread or better yet a PM.