Violations-to-Landing Ratio

Hello all, I made a post about this a month ago and a moderator gave me some information and helped me understand what was happening. I did a bunch more flights and touch and goes without any violations and I still haven’t gained re access to the expert server. Can someone please explain a little bit more on what’s happening here and how many landings I have to get before I can join the expert server? If you can help that would be great thanks! :)

You need to have twice the amounts of landings compared to the amount the violations you have.
So in this case with the current amount of violations you have, you need 126 landings to be granted access to the Expert server.


Aww bummer :/ welp have to get back to more flights and touch and goes… any ideas on how to boost landings a bit more other than what I just mentioned? Anyways thanks for the help.

Not really. Touch & goes are the way to go.