Violations & the Training and Expert Servers; a Discussion

I agree @Aceorbit

I agree read my post.

Well my issue might be a little off topic, however I agree with your point. Although this is a topic about violations my concern is why is it the only the experts server gets the tools to control affectively you have a training server they give you limited resources to communicate with your pilots a.k.a. your customers however expect server gets all available resources so how are you training anymore

Correction standby; didn’t we all pay $80 for the whole year 🤔…ijs.

I understood completely what you mean, I respect your opinion.
so as all of us here know that in ES we have people wanting to have an experience closer to reality, so no one wants to see another aircraft passing through it while doing the taxi, just because you got undone with something else in the environment where you are,
so to avoid getting violations or being reported because you did not follow the rules, it would be better to be in casual or training so you lessen the chance of being reported or getting a violation.

as you yourself said experienced pilots, so my question is, why be in ES where you run the risk of being reported or receive a violation if you are not going to be 100% concentrated.
You want the developers to create a server where people do not receive violations, but I would tell you that this already exists, which is the casual server, does not mean that if you are GRADE 5 you can not fly in the casual.
and when a pilot is reported and after submitting the problem if isnt your fault, the developers take all the violations given, but if you are reported and that is your fault, I do not see why they would have to take away the violations, it was not their fault or anyone else in the game that you undid, of course this happens but it would not be the fault of anyone to make a complaint.
and the purpose of the violations and reporting is not to prevent people from being in ES is to teach you not to commit the same mistake, remember a good pilot always learns.

and we ask the pilots whenever they are reported by an ATC directly contact the person who reported you and you can discuss politely, because we are also normal people who pay the game as you and do not want to harm anyone, and if it is a violation of the system and you think it was not fair, contact the developer to discuss this. (That’s my opinion).

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I requested to taxi and got clearance and then I got gosted because apparently I hadn’t requested to taxi even though I did

Take that up with the person you got ghosted by. This isn’t the right thread and is completely off topic from what this topic is discussing.

Unfortunatly, I never said this. My main point in this op-ed is to point out how violations are effecting pilots who make a mistake once in the same way they effect pilots who purposefully break the rules, so I think you misunderstood my point here. My point is we shouldnt be targeting intentional rule breakers in the same way we target people who make a mistake that didn’t even effect other players. For example, in the US, there are 2 different ways of targeting a person who has commited a murder, where there manslaughter which is unintentional and carries a lesser sentance as opposed to murder which is intentional and carries a much more harsh sentance. I propose we also have a system like this which takes into account your track record and other attributes. Thanks for your input. :)

How do u message them?

in other words you want the penalty reduction, this would not be a bad idea, but at the same time it would be very difficult to determine this when reporting someone, especially in busy airports, we would not have enough time to analyze who purposely broke the rules and who did not. I understood your OP

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The bottom line is that they’re also aware that leaving their flight unattended during important phases of flight is not Kosher.^

And, the current setup is a learning experience. Do you think people would care about ‘learning’ from their violations if nothing happened as a result of them?

Take the 5 ghost rule for Expert. Before its implementation, pilots simply didn’t care about getting reports. People with 30, 40, 80 (I’m serious…more than one with over 80) reports.

Because dance around it all you want, the only thing that matters to anyone are consequences. No one “learns their lesson” if nothing happens. That’s been proven again and again.

All you have to do is look at the threads reporting violations and asking for reversal. What do they always mention first? It’s “I was grade x and now I’m grade y!” That’s what matters to them.

So, taking your suggestion of a session ghost, then still able to come right back to Expert:

Exactly what is the incentive to avoid violations? If you can get violations and still be on Expert, why care?

Why do you think TS is the way it is? Why do you think TS pilots ignore ATC? It’s not simply “they’re learning.” It’s “it doesn’t adversely affect them.” So, if it now would stop adversely affecting them on Expert, guess what happens: Expert becomes TS, and those pilots you’re trying to avoid on TS? Well, now they’re just on Expert, too.

It doesn’t solve one problem, it creates another. The precise problem you set out to avoid in the first place.

^Yes, I know you went on to address this, but nothing changes the fact that if you’re not prepared to pay attention to your flight fully, then you shouldn’t expect to fly a full flight on Expert. We’ve all been in a waiting room and opened IF. But if you have 5 or 10 minutes, you go do circuits on Casual or something, because you don’t know when you’ll be pulled away. You know that going in. It’s not a reasonable justification.


I would just like to say that although everyone may not agree with @Aceorbit views on this subject (I however do fully agree with it) I truly do appreciate and enjoy topics like this where the post is well written, clear, and the person is level headed when writing their ideas. That then leads to a civil and productive conversation. Nice work!


I have gotten almost all of my violations because of this. I need to go do something, I come back and I see all of these violations. Thankfully I have never gotten ghosted before.

simple, you have to see who reported you looking on your LOGBOOK, after having the name you come here at IFC and look for the name and then send a DM to the person.
If you can not find him, you can ask for help in IFC, take a screenshot of your LOGBOOK and send it with your post, a moderator will help you find the person and discuss it and if you are reported by the system (violation ), it’s only a week and you can access the ES again, I hope this helps you.

I suck them up and take it down, unless it is a technical issue, such as violations after crash, violations after app crash, violations after phone freezing, violations after anything that is uncontrollable, or can’t be prevented by anyone.

Today I have a great anger of an ATC because it is in my topic that should be deleted but it is still there. I think some feel like God. Here is my advice if you are punished by a ghost or other, stay quiet. No one wants to solve anything alias even think it funny. And there are some here who certainly like to see punishments for him to feel the maximum as if punishment would teach someone who is learning. I already asked and I think I was answered I’m not sure. This training a time longer time for type punishment comes the message and an interval for its correction of course if it punishment. But if you are part of a VA then yes, be very quiet because some people do not care about your problem, you are wrong and that’s it.

I don’t like violations the same way I don’t like speed or parking tickets for my car. When I break the rules. I face the consequences and move on, while trying to learn a bit from it.

A violation you get for braking the rules. Braking rules involves a punishment. It’s a fundamental life rule that goes for pretty much everything life. The punishment triggers the learning, not the ‘breaking the rules’ itself.

I agree you could debate about the type and the severity of the punishment though…

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Let’s understand this better?
Most here do like reality. Good!
If you want to deal with your punishment problem because this matter should be treated openly for everyone to give their opinions that nobody asked for.
Have you ever wondered if the competent organs were calling everyone on the street to give their opinion about things they investigate? How would it be like to aviation today?

I have seen here discussions about being wrong or right. The truth is that if you are not the solution then do not be the problem.

This is the worst advice anyone could receive on here. The best way of learning is by learning from your mistakes. Every time a controller gives you a please follow instructions, check tutorials on the forum or ghost; you should PM them right after you land or quit your flight to find out why. I do agree that creating a topic is not productive for anyone, the controller will know the answer. We love when people do that! If you’re not a fan of the answer from the controller, message a moderator to get another answer.


If you’re offended I’m sorry.
But the advice is given follows whoever wants. I’ve seen enough topics to say what I said. Finally read the topic and do as I say to anyone who wants to hear not me.
If the advice is good or bad leave those who have had problems and never resolved to respond. You’re the type like to see punishments otherwise you would not be here defending yourself.