Violations technical issue

excuse me may i know why i got 3 violations level 1 on the same time ?!


Level 1 violations accumulate up to max 3, unless the reason for the violation is rectified.

the reason why did i got the violations is because of overspeed in flight

i was flying from Baghdad ORBI to Erbil ORER it’s short flight take only 35 min so when i took off from BGW i left my phone and the plane can land on the airport automatically because i set the VNAV so i set my Altitude to 220FT and the airspeed 340kts when i came back to my phone i notice that i got violations level 1 because the planed land under 10000FT and the airspeed still set at 340 i said it’s ok because i usually got only 1 week violation but i was wrong this time i got 3 violations on the same time which means 21 days so please i need help and tomorrow i want come back to GRADE 5

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Unfortunately we always recommend never leaving your device or not paying attention the minute you start your descent. You unfortunately didn’t monitor your descent and incurred 3 violations and will have to wait the full 7 days.

From your screenshot, it shows that you got one violation at 0227Z, the next at 0228Z, and the third at 0229Z. The reason you didn’t get only 1 violation is because the issue of airspeed was not addressed and you continued to fly too fast.


Also, I believe all three violations will drop off after 7 days, not 21 days. (Correct me if I’m wrong though, not exactly sure)


ok for sure

This depends on the rest of the grade table, but generally - yes :)


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