Violations Speed Ground

I think it happen to many, Many of you saw me with my 717 from Hawaiins Airlines this Sunday. I knew I would not have enough fuel but too bad there is no other plane this company.
In short. I fly and after a while more fuel jatterie in the water with my normal gear haha ​​but the game still counts there limit of 35kts while I am not in taxi but in emergency situation. I think if you just leave at the limit at the airport it would be better even if there were I think “troll” issues.

PS: I do not complain about the violations that I had but it is a pity for an emergency landing

Can you elaborate? This is difficult to understand.
Violations will stay unless it is a technical glitch.

To put it simply: Disable violations on the “Land” / “Ocean” areas etc and only the taxiways and the full airport. Because violations when you want to land without fuel at 130kts and the plane takes longer to stop I already have 1 see 2 violations

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I can see that feature getting abused. There’s grass next to most taxiways.

“Airport Area” also

You might need to ask a staff about if they can distinguish taxiways with land like with runways and taxiways. Because I don’t know honestly.

I don’t think so, I guess the system is made as soon as the plane hits the ground with the gears.

If you see this happening and know what the results will be - end the flight? :)


He probably likes carnage 🤷‍♂️

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i can see why this can lead to violations, if there was no taxi speed violations there would be A380s 4x4 everywhere. I know this from experience ; )

btw i dont do this anymore or condone it

Maybe just block out a large square around the airport and keep the violations within the square.

Because I agree, violations for landing outside an airport is not necessary in my opinion. I have to go to the casual server to fly ALZ (Landing anywhere but a paved runway, ie. beach, grass, etc.) missions with the C130s so I don’t get violations.


Certainly it is a good possibility but the problem is that I try to be realistic. Ditching is totally possible

Yes, precisely where the “troll” players will take off from a flat surface or other

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Yes that’s it, landings with planes for this landed on the grass but not large planes except in an emergency.
Edit: And a big area around the airport is my idea too

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