Violations reset

Happy new year

This is a screenshot of my Violations, when do they reset for the year?


It’s a rolling one year from today. Tomorrow it will be a different 1 year and so one.

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Chris_S, If I’m understanding correctly they reset tomorrow for 2021’s 365 day cycle?

It is a rolling 365 window. Today it is 1/1/20-1/1/21. Tomorrow it will be 1/2/20-1/2/21

I’d does not mean the current year.

i believe that they reset a year of the day you got the violation

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I guess I’m still a little confused


So suppose you got a violation on 20 September 2020. And then got another one on 15 October 2020.

The first violation will disappear on 20 September 2021 (on the same day as you got the violation the previous year). And the other one on 15 October 2021.

Not at the start of the year. 365 days from the day you received the violation.

Hope this solves your confusion!

The violation will disappear 365 days from the day you received the violation. Not the start of the calendar year.

If you received a violation on March 12, 2020, then you will need to wait until March 12, 2021, until the violation disappears.

My 2 and 3 Violations don’t exceed the limit of 5, but together i have 6 violations. My last violation was at Lukla on December 20th, so will that disappear on 12/20/21?

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Yep, it will disappear on that exact date at about the time you got it in 2020

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Just so we can be crystal clear, can you click “show violation history” and send me a screenshot of what it says there?

A year after The Day you received the violation.

I I got a violation on 2020-08-17T12:13:00Z, it would disappear exactly one year afterwards on 2021-08-17T12:13:00Z.

But yes, this would be correct. As Thunderbolt said, could you go to the “Show Violation History”?

It will show you the first violation you received which could tell you a date this year that it would go away.

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Find your oldest violation, one year from that date will be the day you can access the expert server again.

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