Violations removal

Hey guyzz
I am new in infinite flight live and i had 6 violations for overspeeding at same day and i was depromotted from grade 2 to grade 1 so i wanna knw iz der any way to remove thos violations

You just need to wait a few days and your grade will be back. The more important thing is to learn what caused the violation so you do not repeat it.

Don’t worry, it happens to all of us.


There is, but not for this, we’ve all got violations before. It’s part of learning the game! You can read about rules in IF on this forum. Cheers:)

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How many dayz it will take to remove the violations

Your violations will remain on your record permanently but you’ll get your grade 2 back in a few days.

When your grade table has the requisite number of violations in the last 7 days, you’ll meet that criterion for the grade. So, whatever time it is now, or whenever you’re looking at your grade, it looks back 7 24-hour periods from that moment and counts the violations. Each grade has a max. When that number is under the maximum, your grade will go up.

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