Violations Question

So quick question for all you amazing community members…

When I got Live about a year ago, I was not as professional as I am now. I somehow racked up 13 violations in about 6 months. From then on I was as realistic as possible. Not one violation. I think it was just me messing around. Is there any way to get this off my record? If there is already a topic, please refer me to it and mods feel free to close this. :)


No and not forever. These violations are supposed for you to learn your mistakes.

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I think no you only can remove violations when it where a failure of the system but if you do enough landings it should be a problem (if it’s your problem) to get back to grade 3 and as far as I know you loose violations after two years.

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Okay. I just find 13 to be slightly embarrassing on my record, even though I know that it is not me now. :(

Don’t worry about it. There are people with thousands of violations.


The maximum amount of time that violations will affect you is 24 months (thanks @NJ24). After this period of time, you’ll still have those violations, but they won’t affect any of your stats.


13 is not bad for 6 months. And if they are 6 months old then you really just need to do some landings to offset them. You are fine… Keep up the good work.


Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the kind words. (mods feel free to close this)

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Happy flying