Violations - Published for learning

I’m not a Wizz at communicating or laying these post out all pretty,

Quite often if someone appeals a violation on here it gets shut down to pm quickly and I get that its to avoid speculation. I think it would be interesting to have that discussion open then overs can learn what happened and why the action was taken. My feature suggestion is:

Anonymously published every few months as a table grouping the type and amount of violations with a few highlights but leaving the names out. A couple of the incidents could be highlighted with some comments (from both parties if possible) stating what happened, why and what the consequence was.

In the real world (UK) we have GASCO

The aim isn’t to appoint blame or name and shame its to allow others to learn from others mistakes and improve everyone’s standard.

The admins here would need to populate a table/flyer every 2-3months with the stats then tart it up with some picked cases. This would also reveal a trend of what the most types of violations are issued for then the community could drive/push/fly to try and reduce that type of issue.

Again this isn’t aimed to highlight individual people or appoint blame but to allow others and potentially new members insight to what went wrong and how they can prevent themselves from the making the same mistakes.


I replied to your other topic but this is more of an enhancement to the forum, not the app itself.

It is something we are currently na seeing for future topics fo educational purposes.

Closing as #features are for app related items plus something being discussed.