Violations please help

It’s not only depends on your landing there is criteria your violation ratio etc.

Ok lol that’s ok

Ok so shortly that I should hit grade 5 right

Yes I think that I already know that thx

To get back to grade 3, you will have to wait till the oldest level 2/3 violation on your violation has expired (1 year after being issued). You will have to wait until 4 of your level 2/3 violations expire (one year after being issued) to get grade 5. If you can send us a full screenshot of your whole violation log, we can determine when this will be. In the meantime you can focus on improving your Piloting/communication skills on training server so you wont have to deal with this again. Also watch out for your level 1 violations because you need to have a very low violations to landings ratio to be grade 5.
It might be at least 7 months, but youll eventually get back


Seems you’ve posted about something similar not that long and we’ve helped you then. And as I said in the last post April 15, 2024.


It’s not easy to reach Grade 5, and with your violation count it would make it harder

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