Violations please help

I have been waiting a long long time and the number is not going down or up idk but can someone please help me I hit 900 landings so then I can get grade 5 already so can someone please help me with the violations that I got
And it’s the one in the orange highlighted I think and I really need that grade 5

You need to wait a year before getting grade 3 back

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Hello, unfortunately, the only thing you can do from the screenshots you shared is wait for your oldest level 2 violation within the last 365 days to pass its year mark. Perhaps if a mod passes by they may be able to provide you an exact date by looking at your logbook however the best thing you can do right now is to avoid getting any more violations and wait until that mark passes.

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But I feel like that I already have waited a year

It has been 16 days, if you want to fly on grade 3 again, you must make another account which I do not recommend


So do I have to wait a long long long time then

Is there a faster way maybe to get to grade 5 because I have done 900 landings

Are you approach to appeal team?

That’s not necessarily true. That’s his most recent level 2 violation meaning he had to have at least 5 more in the last year. If you look back to when the first of those 5 were issued, then you can know when you’ll meet the grade 3 requirement. As mentioned previously, the only thing you can do at this point is wait. As long as you keep your record clean and keep up with the rest of your flying stats, you should be good to go as soon as that one violation goes away.

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Ok thx so if those numbers go away will I hit grade 5 because I have done 900 landings

Huh Wym please explain more

Does anyone know how long i have to wait for

I mean to say are you contacted to violation appeal team if you thought it’s all happen by mistake so explain them and your violation remove easily

Atleast 7-8 months

So if I speak to them then they can get my violations removed maybe and get me the grade 5

But I have been waiting a long long time tho

Not grade 5 but you can fly in expert server

Not unless they were wrongfully issued and you received them within the last 7 days. From what you’ve shared, it doesn’t appear either of those requirements are met.

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I know as see in your chart your last 5th violation days is 100

But I hit 900 landings tho and you need 800 for grade 5 so I beet that number for 900

Ahhh yes that is my fault I’m not thinking right lol

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