Violations...please explain

So I’ve just returned to infinite flight after an extended break. Was just flying into KPHX on the expert server. Followed vectors onto a 25L visual, had to go around and wowser gave me 25R. Established on final and tower asked me to go to 26. I start to slide across as they are basically parallel. Straight away a violation by the tower and kicked off expert server for 7 days. Can someone please explain why and how come for so long?

Also is there any recourse for this?

Hey there, Wald! Welcome back. I was your controller today and also ghosted you for improper arrival procedures.

Following your 25L go around I gave you left traffic for 25R to keep you separated from the props on 25L which gives you your own runway. Quick note, on your first approach before the go around you were going quite fast.

As you turned base for 25R you swung way out and overshot entirely. At this point you were aiming for 26 so I tried to help you out and just clear you for 26. Finally you were at 240kts on final to 26 but correcting to swing back to 25R as the screenshot below portrays. Your flying was quite erratic and makes it difficult to provide quality service to others. Following your 7 days you’ll regain access to the expert server. PM me with any additional concerns. Cheers!