Violations on Live

Have you ever wondered what violations exist on the Infinite Flight Live servers? Take a look below and I’ll show you what violations there are and how you can avoid them.


Important Notes:

  • The ground overspeed warning is triggered by ground speed which is represented by GS above the mini map


  • The aircraft overspeed limit is represented by the red tape on the speed indicator located on the left side of your HUD

  • If you’re unsure if your aircraft is too large for your chosen destination airport, simply switch to the map page, tap the desired airport, and it will show “Current Airplane Restricted” if the aircraft is too large.

  • You will not receive a runway idle violation while under the control of Live ATC services. When instructed to line up and wait, simply be patient and you will not be penalized.

Happy and Safe Landings!

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Very very useful. Thanks Tyler!


That last point is extremely helpful. Ive seen many people takeoff simply because they believed they would get a violation for waiting. I honestly did not know if you would or wouldnt. Well stated Tyler!


Tyler, does this mean acrobatics are totally unpermitted under FL100?


When we first introduced the violation that was the case but we quickly addressed it because that’s not fair to receive a penalty for following instructions.


They’re not permitted in the vicinity of an airport, controlled or uncontrolled. I typically head out to the mountains of Denver or Seattle to have fun! :)


So if you are under 10000 anywhere in a region, violations are given for acrobatics?

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Shaffer and I were just talking about this yesterday! Awesome job.

I’m calling witchcraft, by the way. This is heresy.

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Good to know these!

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Very helpful indeed.

@Tyler_Shelton , how many violations before you are booted or system ghosted?

It’s five I believe

This was so needed especially for the noobs making topics thinking they were given a violation by people reporting them or ATC

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Thank you so much for clearing this up. I always had a hard time knowing if my aircraft was restricted or not. Lol and to think it was so obvious. No I feel stupid. Thank you Tyler.

5, I believe.

Thanks for this post Tyler, this is going to be a very useful resource to all pilots. :)

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If you don’t mind me using this as a launch point, I’d also like to suggest checking not just the airport, but the runway lengths as well.

For example, KPBI is a Bravo, but that doesn’t mean you should try to land your A388 on 10R, which is 3000 x 75 or something like that.

(@SkyHighGuys, sorry to use as a jumping off point, not directed at you specifically)

Great info Tyler

What is aerobatics defined as? Certain Pitch exceeded? If so what is that magic number?

See also (and note ground speed):

To be honest, I just don’t know that perfect formula. From experience, quick climbs and tight banks with a high G count triggered the warning. Keep it civil and there shouldn’t be an issue.

When I say quick climb, I mean approaching a completely vertical 90°…

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