Violations on Live

Sometimes I’ll receive an acrobatic warning pulling a tight base in a Spit or an F16. Since fighters are designed to pull acrobatic maneuvers, do you think the restrictions should be relaxed for fighters?

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Actually they’re the reason it had to be implemented in the first place. We relaxed on it, but found that many users enjoyed showing off and giving LAX an air show during peak hours. 😐

Now it’s far more realistic. We still allow it but not in the vicinity of an airport, as it is in the real world with the use of MOAs in rural areas.


That makes sense, thanks for clearing it up!

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No worries. By commenting that way I was opening myself for ridicule lol. I’m used to it :). And I now know 100% how to tell if my aircraft is to large.

No ridicule meant. Merely using that checking on the restriction to also mention runway dimensions should be checked as well.

That’s fine. I don’t think it’ll be an issue. Just curious.

I will do that from now on. Thank you as well.

The vertical 90 climbs after take off in fighters are violations?
That explains a few I got, thanks

Thanks, never knew about the aircraft restricted shown on the main map

So should there be an ATC option to give aircraft “unrestricted” takeoff clearance like some military aircraft get IRL? It’d allow a quick 90 degree pitch up at speeds of up to 280 knots, but I’m just rambling so I don’t know.


You and me both… I’ve hard my fair share from quick climbs in the F16 😩


Again, just because you’re 3rd in line doesn’t mean I can switch you to a 3k foot runway if you’re in an A388. Please, look at the runway dimensions. Several times today.

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What about Runway Blocking Violations …please elucidate further on that …IMHO…The system program should have a subroutine check that analyzes the airports and determines whether there are any pilots at an airport before assessing a runway blocking violation…it is highly illogical to incur that violation when you are the only aircraft at that specific airport or even in that region … particularly on the TS1 server where most smaller airports with a grass or asphalt rwy rarely have any ATC coverage like WSAT …for example…heretofore…how can you be penalized for that when you are the only aircraft at that airport …

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As long as you go to full flaps right after initial takeoff climb… and then adjust your throttle proportionately… you will rarely ever get an initial speed violation in a fighter…

@Recxx, full flaps after take-off? Not sure that’s realistic for any aircraft.
I use:
Pitch and throttle to control air speeds after take off
To slow down in fighters from Mach speeds on decent I bank left and right
There are violations for speeds above 550kts below FL20 so do these maneuvers above FL20

I’d vote for that … 90 degree fighter takeoffs are great :)

Regardless of whether someone is at the airport or not, the runway is not your parking stand to flight plan and configure flaps. A runway serves two purposes: taking off and landing.

If you’re sitting there more than 60 seconds without ATC telling you to there is something wrong. Also, there are very few airports where you will find yourself spawning on the runway now which removes that contributor.

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If you ever happen to spawn on the runway (only uncontrolled fields) you can push back from the runway and do your stuff. That’s what I do.

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I didn’t get warnings I was fying inverted over the air port ten feet from the ground. ?

Very good post sir Tyler! This should be read by everyone in the community so they know how to fly:)