Violations of nothingness

I took 4 violations while flying from MD-11 to M 0.82, even though I was in toga in the MD-11 before I beat Oveespeed This is weird

This and me flying 2 minutes before the fact occurs

And nothing else happened? The plane kept flying as it is until you got the violations?

What version of the app are you using?

Yes What the strangest thing is

The most recent auto update on

I think we’re going to have to get a mod or dev up here to clear some things up.

I do not care if the violations just want to fly back in the expert and make my table to VA and some clarifications if possible

Flight Log

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Well with 4 violations, you can’t access grade 3, meaning you can’t fly on expert. For a week.

Yea this is something for a dev

Sorry and good luck my man

is just that I do not care if the violations will stay or not just want to fly back in the Expert

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I hope you see my topic soon

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What is your display name and callsign?

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still the same as the flight I did not make any changes

Is it possible you tapped the screen and disabled AP? Was the wind moving the aircraft up and down violently enough to disengage the AP?

You go from cruise at 36,000ft to an instant dive which overspeeds the aircraft.

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if it had happened I would have left or would have given cash more to continued stabilized even if A / P had left she would not fall she was calibrated and pitied I think I would have time to react and I had the phone by my side

and still had great speed margin to win before the red belt

Given your great track record I’ll remove these violations. Close the app, relaunch, and your grade will be restored! Appreciate all the details and have a Happy New Year! 🙂


Thank you very much, I’m really grateful, even have a great new year