Violations not my fault

I am grade 3 at the moment, and I was just playing and the ATController cleared me for takeoff, and when I reached the end of the runway, told me to expedite, as I lift off… He then starts bombarding me with messages… So whilst I am replying to the influx of messages, I receive a speed violation, because I couldn’t watch my speed due to this annoying controller… I want to advance to the next grade, and stupid controllers are just making it impossible… Can violations be wiped or discredited if they weren’t your fault???

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Playground server?

Yeah, I know they can’t restrict who gets the choice to ATC, but I shouldn’t be that distracted by the ATC, perhaps a limit on vital control sequences, eg; landing and takeoff, I was flying out of KONT (Ontario)

You could have simply choose to ignore him, if he was spamming you.


He was sending me ‘follow instructions’ and expedite, when as I lift off, I don’t see my speed because I’m too busy dealing with my ATC orange headphones (I don’t like them flashing, it looks like there is something wrong…)

Can’t really “wipe” them. Just have to wait three days.

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YH but they are still recorded on your total violations, which I try to keep to a minimum, it has only gone up on this type of occasion, and dramatically increased when my friend had a go on my iPad…

If you were grade 3 before & after this happened, no harm done! Just wait 3 days then they won’t show up.

Okay thanks, but I’m just trying to bring this issue up because some people are just taking advantage of the ATC, forcing pilots to make impossible manoeuvres… I cannot expedite to the taxiway from the runway when I am at the end, travelling at ~210kts

Well i also wished i could do that…i at least have gotten 5 such violations… Anyway be patient to wait for the three days

Try flying on advanced or avoid such controllers on PG✌

Kk i will… But all I am saying is that [quote=“Jacob_Marshall, post:9, topic:45570”]
some people are just taking advantage of the ATC

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They’re called Nimrods and will always be there… Just avoid them…sometimes they manage into advanced only that they’re pilots this time

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I am a frequent ATController, and I simply try to make a pilots job easier, doing everything I can to clear traffic and maximise takeoffs and landings, exactly the opposite of some people, trying to ease the frustration sometimes at ATControllers…

One word…

Free flight

Aviation. Navigate. Communicate. In that exact order.


I find Unicom too boring… I understand the need for the server, but I prefer the playground, it’s just so much more realistic, and using ATControllers, it is almost like the real thing… IF making the playground server was one of the best things about the game

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I use either advanced or free flight playground is just rubish no offence but it’s full of grade 1s who never follow instructions

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A lot of violations people get when you first start flying are for that type of thing ,I to have received them,like others have said they will be gone in a few days.I try to keep my violations down but I still have 9, some people have100s and it doesn’t bother them the game means different things to different people. Happy flying.R

You were a grade 1 once… But I see what you mean, but with experience, they could make very good pilots, and I can understand about not using playground, but when the ATController is good, it is very nice, especially when on average there are more planes in the skies…