Violations not going down

I’ve been playing this game for a bit now but I’m grade 2 and not grade 3 because of some stupid calculation failure in autopilot fuel and i have been waiting and doing perfect no violations flight for 14 days and I have 12 and in total it has taken 6 violations off in total but the last six have been just laying there for like 5 more days

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When it comes to questions surrounding server access and grades, we recommend you review this topic as it will help you get a better understand of how the grades and the grade table works:

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  • A complete screenshot of your grade table

Display name : CPT - KrabTheWolf
Callsign: KLM 144

I have already waited 2 weeks and my violations haven’t fully gone down

Your latest violations were on the 21st of this month in the afternoon [Zulu time]. They should expire later today.