Violations not going away?

I got 5 violations last week, and they still haven’t gone away, and I got them last Wednesday? All my 24 hour violations went away?

They fall off exactly 7 days after you received them for the 7 day parameter. It’s Sunday/Monday depending on where you are. That’s 4/5 days.

I got the violations on April 1st.

Where do you see them? They will always be there but depending on where you look, they may or may not have an impact on your grade.

And if you check your logbook? You have most likely received more violations than you seem to realize the past 7 days.

I just checked, they were on April 1st

What is your callsign and display name?

Qantas 849 Super


Can you provide a screenshot of your logbook?

That was nicely cropped.
How about the entire page?

I’m you’ll see the same as i do;



I don’t remember getting any violations on the 10th because I was playing on the casual server.

Your cropped screenshot from the logbook shows 4 violations during one flight. The only time you’ve received 4 violations during one flight, was April 10th.

I’m 100% that the date showing for the flight which says you received 4 violations, is April 10th. But you cropped the picture so the date wouldn’t show ;) Am i wrong? If so, please do share an uncropped screenshot of your logbook.