Violations locking me out from the Training Server

So what does that mean? Shows I have zero viloations and ghosting. How could it say I still have 45 viloations?? If this is the case how long am I locked out for?..

The 45 violations is in the past 12 months. Which is not shown on the stats screen.

How many landings did it say you had?

Not a good idea to remake one after a mod closed your last one

37 landings it shows

Yes, but that page only shows the violations you’ve received the last 7 days. Not the total amount for the past 12 months, that is shown in the message you are getting.

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Hi there as chris said looks like you have 45 violations but the stat sheet only shows in the past 7 days now you may not have gotten them in the past 7 days but you have gotten them since you made your live account or the past 12 months.

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Ahh I see thanks for confirming that. Sorry I’m new. Do you know how long it will last?

In order to fly on training, your violations (the 45) must be lower than your landings (37). Which is not in this case.

You need 9 more landings without violations and you can access the training server if you are grade 2.


I get it now. Thanks! :) Any idea how long it last? Or I guess I have to make more landings?

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Copy. Thanks for clearing this up for me and making me understand. Appericiate it!